timelapse + trees = treelapse

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This is an R package for interactive visualization of counts and time series arranged along trees. Motivated by the problem of describing abundances of evolutionarily related microbes, we designed representations inspired by literature in the Data Visualization community.


First, install the devtools package. Then you can get treelapse using

  dependencies = TRUE

The dependencies argument installs the packages that treelapse depends on (see the DESCRIPTION file for the list) if these aren’t already available.


To view vignettes, add the argument build_vignettes = TRUE to the installation command above and then run browseVignettes("treelapse"). It might take some time to build each of the vignettes.

Examples of the compiled vignettes are available at,

treelapse currently supports four kinds displays

It also includes a few utilities for structuring data into the required form.


To get a sense of how to navigate treelapse visualizations, click the demo video linked below.

Watch on youtube


The essential ideas behind the visualizations in this package come from these papers.

The implementation hinges heavily on these (very nice) tools,


We need your help to improve this package. For bug reports and feature requests, either create an issue on github or email me.