Weekly humanitarian AI reading group at Mila.

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Weekly humanitarian AI reading group at Mila.


Contact: Kris Sankaran
Regular Time and Location: Thursdays 5 - 6pm in the Mila Auditorium
Potential Topics and Papers
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This reading group serves several complementary purposes,

Reflecting these goals, the format for meetings will vary,

Date Topic Presenters
4 April, 2019 TBA Anna Bethke
28 March, 2019 TBA Alexandra Olteanu
21 March, 2019 Integrating Learning with Game Theory for Societal Challenges Fei Fang
14 March, 2019 Bridging gaps between climate sciences and AI Karthik Mukkavilli
7 March, 2019 No Talk  
28 February, 2019 Addressing Ethical and Privacy Concerns in Data Products and Initiatives Aman Ahuja
21 February, 2019 Data Science for Tenants’ Good in NYC: Proactive Outreach to Reduce Rental Housing Harassment Teng Ye
14 February, 2019 No Talk  
7 February, 2019 No Talk  
31 January, 2019 Mila Roundtable: Crisis Mapping, Climate Change AI, Biasly, q&ai Pablo Fonseca, Kris Sankaran, Victor Schmidt, Yasmeen Hitti, Bhairav Mehta
24 January, 2019 No Talk  
17 January, 2019 Technology for Good: Perspectives from Bangalore and Chicago Kris Sankaran
27 November, 2018 Automatic classification of different types of online sexual harassment and identification of their emotional content (recording) Sima Sharifirad
20 November, 2018 No meeting  
13 November, 2018 A Survey of Tasks and Tools for the Visually Impaired (recording) Martin Weiss
6 November, 2018 Tackling gender bias in text (Label!, recording) Yasmeen Hitti
30 October, 2018 A Scalable, Flexible Augmentation of the Student Education Process (recording) Bhairav Mehta
23 October, 2018 Deep Learning in Remote Sensing: Challenges and opportunities (recording) Anthony Ortiz
16 October, 2018 No meeting  
9 October, 2018 An Invitation to Humanitarian AI + Project Discussions Kris Sankaran

If you are interested in either (1) presenting or (2) contributing to one of our ongoing collaborations, please write to Kris!