I'm currently a postdoc at Mila, working in Yoshua Bengio's lab on problems related to Humanitarian AI. I completed my PhD in Statistics at Stanford University, advised by Susan Holmes. My thesis was on Discovery and Visualization of Latent Structure with Applications to the Microbiome. I previously worked at Obsidian Security, applying machine learning to problems in cybersecurity. I was a 2016 Data Science for Social Good fellow and helped organize projects with Statistics for Social Good and DataKind SF.

I'm most interested in questions at the interface of statistics (reasoning about uncertainty) and machine learning (deploying real-world systems), especially those that would enable applications in heterogeneous, resource-constrained settings. I think that sharing reproducible workflows and accessible distillations is as important as making discoveries and proposing algorithms. My ideal researcher is an insightful scientist, as well as a skilled technician. I occasionally post notes to my blog. Many of my projects are public on github.